Estimating an incomplete run

During elimination's you may have to lift or brake while nearing the finish line to avoid breaking out. By doing this, you will not have a 1/4 mile time to base your next run prediction on. If the track you're on gives 1000' times as well as your 1/4-mile ET, you can derive a 1/4-mile ET by using the following method: It works best on a 1/4-mile track with 1000’ lights. By the time you get to the 1000’ point, your ET is pretty much carved in stone. Don’t try to use this method on 1/8th-mile tracks with 330’ clocks or 1/4 mile tracks with only 660’ clocks because there is too much room for error. It doesn’t work that well for Super Class racing either, unless the Timer amounts on both runs are within .02 seconds. This is a calculator type function. If it were put in program form, it would just slow you down. The first step is to clear the memory in the calculator mode by hitting the R-CM button TWICE. Then find a good run, done earlier, to use as a reference run. It should have a good 60’ time and high MPH. Take the 1/4 mile ET and divide it by the 1000’ ET. This will generate a factor of about 1.198 for the average car. Press the M+ button to put this number in memory for future use. (You only need to do this once.) On the incompleted run, find the 1000’ ET and multiply it by this factor. In the calculator mode, type in the 1000’ ET (corrected for excessive 60’ time if needed) then hit the X button, then R-CM ONCE, and finally. For example: 7.435 X R-CM =. You should get 8. 907.